Re-useable Sanitary Wear - Size Small

Re-useable Sanitary Wear - Size Small

Tiger Green Textiles
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Size: Small, Available in Light, Regular and Heavy Flow.  

These re-useable sanitary pads save you money and save the environment. Items available may use different fabrics to the ones shown in the photos.  

All re-useable sanitary wear is sold on a "Buy One Give One" basis, this means for everyone sold, Tiger Community Enterprise CIC will donate one to people living in period poverty in the UK. 

Tiger Community Enterprise CIC runs the Tiger Green Textiles project which brings together volunteers across Nottinghamshire, working in their front rooms, to learn and share skills making items for vulnerable groups in the community.

Sustainability is at the heart of our project, many of our makes are produced thanks to donations of materials, giving them a second lease of life.

The products we offer for sale tick at least one of the reduce, reuse, recycle themes that we follow.

As a non-profit all sales go towards supporting our community activities.