Soul Cheeze - Garlic & Herb

Soul Cheeze - Garlic & Herb

Soul Cheeze
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Plantbased cheese substitute.

A semi soft cheeze with a crumbly texture that is great on crackers.

Product Info Soft texture. This cheeze can be spread and will melt.

Ingredients: Fresh made Almond Milk (Almonds, Filtered water), Coconut oil, Tapioca flour, Yeast flakes, Garlic, Carrageenan kappa, Dried herbs, Apple cider vinegar,
Sea salt, Mustard, Onion powder, Black pepper.


Weight: approximately 200 gr.

Please note that, being an Artisan product, there could be a slight difference from cheeze to cheeze. Shelf life upon arrival is 2 weeks. Once opened, wrap tightly and consume within a week.