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South American flour used to make Arepas. A versatile gluten-free flour

Harina PAN – white is the essential ingredient in authentic Venezuelan arepas. Accept no substitutes! The Harina PAN brand is the most famous brand of maize flour in Venezuela.

An arepa is a grilled cornflour or cornbread ‘bun’, and they’re popularly served as breakfast and street food. Once cooked, they’re split in half to hold fillings. Classic fillings include Reina Pepiada - chicken with avocado, mayonnaise & red onion, shredded beef, cheese, or even just a bit of butter!

You can also use Harina PAN to make Venezuelan empanadas – small, half-moon shaped cornbreads, classically stuffed with shredded spiced beef.

Ingredients: 100% pre-cooked white maize meal. May contain traces of soy.