Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser
Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser
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Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser

Skin Elixir
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Referred to as ‘magic in a jar’ this luxurious 100% natural, 100% effective face cream is carefully hand-blended to create a nutrient-rich moisturiser suitable for day and night wear.

It works incredibly well to hydrate your skin, day after day, night after night and is gentle enough to use year after year. This really is a skin healing elixir, created for all skin types, it works particularly well to nourish and re-balance dry and combination skin.

The delicately sensuous subtle scent brings calm to the senses. The cream has a rich, balmy texture yet is so super absorbent skin literally drinks it up without leaving a greasy/cakey residue. It offers superb value as a little of this magnificent skin drink really does go a long way.

Usage: Apply a small amount morning and (more at) night to the neck and face using upward circular massaging motions.

Allow sufficient time for the cream to fully absorb before applying make-up. Keep out of direct sunlight, store in ambient temperature.

Skin Benefits: The precious, organic essential oils of Frankincense and May Chang are gently balanced in a base of certified organic raw unrefined Shea Butter, organic Sweet Almond oil and unrefined virgin Black Seed Oil. This creates a unique, rich, divinely-fragranced and creamy balm, that is packed full of skin healing nutrients and naturally-occurring vitamin E. 

Boswellia carteri (Frankincense) oil is known as the 'king' of oils. Historically, it was used by the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians in various ceremonies and as a resin for salves and balms.  It is known for its ability to calm emotions and to increase clarity of thinking. It is also recognized to increase circulation which can be effective in the promotion of healthy, dewy, glowing skin and complexion. The healthy cell-regeneration promoted by Frankincense can also help with the appearance of scars, spots, acne, eczema, psoriasis and with the overall balancing of skin tone. It can help restore elasticity to the skin whilst minimising wrinkles.

Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) has an intense citrusy scent, known to possess anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific studies have demonstrated Litsea Cubeba is effective at controlling arrhythmia, a common sign of anxiety and stress - and so has a natural uplifting effect on the mind. Massaging Litsea cubeba into the skin increases blood-circulation which in turn enhances skin-tone. It is known to control the secretion of sebum, making it excellent for skin that flares-up or that has an over-production of oil. In Ayurveydic medicine, it is revered for its ability to pacify excess kapha energy and aggravate deficit vata and pitta doshas. 

I never add water to my formulas so as an undiluted elixir you need only use this cream sparingly.

Vegan, cruelty free, organic, 100% natural, safety tested, 12 month shelf life.

Made in Nottingham.


* Proper skin nourishment

* Hydrated skin

* Truly cared for skin

* Softens & plumps

* Brightens & illuminates skin

* Makes skin glow

* Soothes & smooths

* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

* Evens skin tone

* Cures dry skin literally over night

* Heals blemishes and acne

* Balances out the complexion

Packaged: 60ml amber glass jar with black urea twist lid, Recyclable and reusable.

 What raving fans are saying:

 "So in love with my Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser. After just one week I have stopped wearing foundation - just a touch of concealer and bit of blush and I'm going. Smells good too!" Kate Dawson

"I have used many moisturisers over the years. From Supermarket options to ones you have to take a small loan out for... Nothing has come close to Skin Elixir. It was recommended to me by a friend and it is honestly magic in a jar. My skin feels better, looks better, it’s more toned and stays well moisturised without feeling heavy and dull. It’s taken me many decades but I have found the perfect match for my skin. I honestly cannot recommend it enough." Philippa Burns

"This product is simply sumptuous. It nourishes restores and heals my mature skin. It really feels as if it’s feeding as it penetrates. My neck laps it up! It smells divine too. A pot lasts for ages." Julie Lygo

"I'm about to order this beautiful moisturiser again ( 3rd jar I think!) I absolutely love it. It's a Nottingham based female owed business and it's natural too. It smells and feels nourishing. It has seen me through too much sun and winter weather! I love the glow I get when I put it on. Thank you for making such a lovely product Shona" Elizabeth Short

A brilliant find! My skin looked and felt noticeably different in a very short space of time. I've suffered adult acne for a long time and so tend to avoid conventional moisturisers but this one soothes without inflaming my skin. Can't recommend highly enough! Kate Lewin