Magnificent Night Oil 20ml

Magnificent Night Oil 20ml

Skin Elixir
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Relax before bed with this totally luxurious and comforting skin treat, bringing harmony, peace and calm. The Magnificent Night Oil is an exquisite overnight retreat for the face and neck.

Usage: Before going to bed at night, apply 2-3 drops to the neck and face using upward circular massaging motions. When using with the Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser, apply the oil first.

Skin Benefits:

The revered properties of organic Moringa oil known as the tree of life, combined with Calendula and organic Pomegranate Seed oil, rich in Phytosterols & Vitamin E.  Add into this cold pressed virgin Black Seed Oil and organic Vetiver, Rose Absolute, organic Basil, organic Sandalwood and Frankincense oils, my Magnificent Night Oil blends the finest of ingredients to bring you a dryish non greasy oil, leaving skin velvet to the touch. Works to soothe all skin types.

Vegan, cruelty free, organic, 100% natural

Made in Nottingham.


* Glowing skin 

* Healthy skin tone

* Silky soft hydrated skin

* Clearer blemish free skin

* Brighter more radiant complexion

* The subtle, sensuous scent calms and soothes the senses, relaxing the mind

Packaged: 20ml screw top Amber glass jar with glass pipette

What raving fans are saying:

"The night oil is also my day oil, my everything oil! It fells incredibly silky soft and hydrating. I am happy knowing I am nourishing my skin with 100% natural and organic ingredients & the results are apparent. My face feels radiant, it has cleared blemishes I previously felt self-conscious about, and now I very rarely bother to wear make-up. The oil is non greasy unlike previous products I have tried, and a little goes a very long way" Fiona Morris, Yoga Teacher

"I've been using the magnificent face oil for 12 days and my skin feels amazing! The oil is light, easy to use and non greasy, soaks into my skin beautifully. As an adult acne sufferer, I have to be careful what I use on my face, but this has been amazing. My skin is glowing and hydrated. Love" Elaine Denton.

"Its scent is earthy, floral and grassy all at once. I've never used a night oil before. Always thought they'd be too, well, oily and I've got quite oily skin. But this sinks straight in, no clammy feeling, no gunky hands. It all blends. And that scent lasts 'til way past the morning time. It's calming and soothing to wake up to as well as to go to bed in" Anna Griffin