Fennel & Red Wine Salami

Fennel & Red Wine Salami

Loxley’s Larder
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This salami is one of our best sellers. It has a delicate but distinctive flavour with the subtle taste of the fennel nestling in the glow of red wine.

Made in small batches by artisan producer, Loxley's Larder in Newark

We slice the meat to order in-store and can provide it in paper packaging or vacuum sealed.

About Loxley's Larder

Before the days of refrigeration dry curing was a widely used method of preserving meat, these very tasty products are generally known as charcuterie We produce our quality charcuterie using traditional methods without the additives often used today. Making it both dairy & gluten free.

Our meat is selected from local farms who keep their animals in free range, outdoor environments. Our new production unit is designed to be energy efficient and we use no more packaging than is necessary.