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Deli Llama is a mindful shop and deli. 

Get Involved with Deli Llama

Based at 16a Pelham Road, Carrington, Nottingham. NG5 1AP

We are part of  Pulp Friction CIC, employing the skills of people with learning disabilities.

The emphasis of Deli Llama is to seek out small and local businesses, stocking produce in the shop and cooking with it in the kitchen.   We love art, crafts and skilled people doing what they do best.

We believe the best way forward is by working together, in the kitchen, in the shop and in the wider community.

We care about the environment and do what we can to lower our impact on the world.

Our dream is to be a community hub, and we can't wait to really develop and become all that we can be once restrictions are lifted.

We will be opening on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

And that is where you come in!

Deli Llama and Pulp Friction are looking for lovely folks to get involved with our business.

We are looking for people who want to volunteer their time in a variety of roles, working in the kitchen, serving customers, perhaps volunteering behind the scenes doing admin, or helping us make the website tip top.

There are lots of options, find out more about volunteering here.

Tara baking cakes in the kitchen



We are also in the process of setting up as a co-operative, this means that we are owned by the people who use it, workers, customers, local people, suppliers. Find out more about our co-op here.

Join Deli Llama Co-operative


And finally, we can only make Deli-Llama a community hub if there's things going on, so if you are interested in running workshops, organising community meetings, activism, talks, strumming a guitar, singing, or utilising the space in some other way find out more here.