Deli-Llama Co-operative

Deli-Llama is on it’s way to registering as a co-operative.

A co-op is a business or organisation that’s owned and controlled by its members, to meet their shared needs. The members can be its customers, employees, residents or suppliers, who have a say in how the co-op is run.

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Every co-op across the world shares the same co-operative principles and values 

There are seven co-operative principles that define how a co-op operates:   

  1. A co-op is owned and controlled by its members. It exists for the benefit of its members, who may be customers, workers, suppliers or the wider community.
  2. A co-op is democratic – this means every member has an equal say in how it’s run and how profits are used.
  3. Every member contributes financially in some way – from buying products, working for the co-op, investing in it or deciding how to spend its profits.  
  4. A co-op is an independent business, owned and controlled by its members.
  5. It offers education and training to everyone involved, so they can develop the co-op and promote the benefits of co-operation.
  6. It co-operates, works with and supports other co-ops.
  7. A co-op supports the communities it works with.

 Chezelle and Dan Cooking at Pulp Friction

The co-operative values

There are 10 values that all co-ops are based on

  1. Caring for others
  2. Democracy
  3. Equity
  4. Equality
  5. Honesty
  6. Openness
  7. Self help
  8. Self responsibility
  9. Solidarity
  10. Social responsibility

What is co-operative membership?

Co-ops are businesses owned and run by people just like us – customers, employees, suppliers, local residents etc

These people, the members, decide together how the business operates and how any surplus is used. 

Who are the members?

Membership is open and voluntary - so anyone should be able to join, and they have to want to join (you can't force someone to become a member!)

One member one vote - membership is democratic and everyone has an equal say. There are no majority shareholders here.

Members put something in and get something out - co-ops are not charities, so each member contributes but also receives something in return. The contribution could be working for the co-op, investing in the co-op, shopping or trading with it.

Get Involved with Deli Llama 

How will Deli Llama operate?

Deli-Llama will be registering as a multi-stakeholder co-operative which means different people associated with the organisation will be able to have a say in how the business operates. 

Our stakeholders will include:

Pulp Friction CIC – We are part of the Pulp Friction family and therefore Pulp Friction as an organisation will be one of the stakeholders involved in the co-op

Pulp Friction Members - The members of Pulp Friction are people with learning disabilities and autism.  The Pulp Friction Members will have the opportunity to join the co-op and have their say in how the business is run to suit their needs.

Parents & Carers of Pulp Friction Members – enabling them to have input in to a service that serves them

Volunteers – People who commit their time voluntarily the running and organisation of Deli Llama can be a part of the co-op

Workers – People who work for the co-op and receive a wage will be able to join the co-operative.  We think it’s very important that workers have the right to decide how their business operates.

Community – We will welcome members of the local community to join the co-operative.  As a community space it’s important that it works for the people who come and use it.

Suppliers – Deli Llama stocks lots of local producers,  growers and makers, it is at the heart of what we do and we want them to be involved in how we operate too.

Please note that we are not asking for financial investment from co-operative members. We want your time, energy and input.

Register your interest in becoming a member of our Co-op

Register your interest in joining our co-operative here, and we will contact you soon with more information.

We are also looking for volunteers to get involved with Deli-Llama, find out more here.